Das Team der V+S Ingeneurgesellschaft
Mit Sicherheit


Dipl.-Ing. Michael Kette

has been active in the field of signalling technology since he graduated from the Friedrich List College of Traffic Technology in Dresden, where he majored in transport safety and automation engineering.

Ing. Frank Haubert

has been working in the signalling technology branch since 1978. From vocational training to college studies, he too has multiple qualifications and extensive work experience in various technologies, methods and tasks.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Freytag

has been working since July 2006 at V+S. He plans the adaptation of modern axle counting systems on conventional signal tower technologies.

Anna Nachtigall

Has enriched the V+S team since 2012 as assistant to the management. In 2013, she completed her business management studies at the Thuringian Academy of Administration and Economics as a business economist (VWA). Furthermore, she is in charge of the controlling and secretariat of V+S.

As QM representative of our company, she plays a key role in ensuring a high quality standard. In September 2017, Ms Nachtigall was certified as a QM representative by TÜV SÜD Akademie.

Toni Justies

Has enriched the V+S team since 2016 as a planning engineer for control and safety technology.

In the same year, he completed his studies at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, specialising in industrial engineering for railway engineering, as a Bachelor of Engineering in Railway Engineering.

Jessica Köhler

Since 2016, she has been working at V+S as a technical employee for the processing of projects in control and safety technology.

Furthermore, she supervises the process of inventory plan feedback in our company.