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The Company

  • The engineering company "V+S" was founded on 1 August 1996 by the engineers Robert Kranz, Michael Kette and Frank Haubert.
  • The company works as a planning and project design and development office in the field of railway signalling technology.
  • Our founders have more than forty years of work experience with up-to-date processing methods and project management. We concentrate our work on the areas of planning, project design & development, plan inspection and technical support for construction projects in the field of railway safety technology, including construction supervision.
  • With our comprehensive and specific knowledge, we can plan upgrades to, adaptive construction measures and new construction work on control and safety installations using traditional as well as electronic interlocking technology. Our planning expertise extends also to the associated systems, such as automatic track vacancy detection systems, inductive intermittent train control (ATC) systems, track safety technology, and rail-crossing safety technology.
  • An authorized inspection of plan documents can be carried out by our experts, according to each of the methods recognized by the Eisenbahnbundesamt (German Federal Bureau of Railways). 
  • Our spectrum of service ranges from basic evaluation to preliminary planning and blueprint, all the way to authorization-ready implementation planning (Plan Levels 1-3) tailored to each company's specific interlocking technology. 
  • Since the company's founding, we have worked on and developed all our projects using solely CAD.
  • In May 2004 we were certified as Q1-Supplier for Deutsche Bahn (German Railways).

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