1052 Expert opinion for the technical design review according to BAU-STE of projects


To date, the experts of our company have issued approx. 1052 expert reports for the technical plan review according to BAU-STE of projects, e.g:

  • Plan review PT 1 and 2 of individual construction sections at Unterwellenborn station
  • Design review of ESTW-Saalfeld in construction stages 4, 6-10 (in GS II DR design)
  • Plan check of several ESTW EL L control computers for "SPNV sample line Gotha-Leinefelde
  • Design review PT 1 ESTW-A Crimmitschau
  • PT 1 retrofit PZB on the Sonneberg - Neuhaus line
  • Plan examination PT 1 and 2 ESTW-A Wolkramshausen
  • Plan check PT 1 and 2 ESTW-A Stadtilm